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Velocity 2010 Wrapup

I got the opportunity to attend the Velocity 2010 Web Performance and Operations Conference last week with most of the rest of the guys from the Ops team at SugarCRM. It took place right around the same time as some other stuff I had going on, so I wasn't able to hang out "after hours" as much as I would have liked, but it was great to listen in on some great sessions and talk to people far smarter than I!

Some of the sessions to highlight:

There were also a number of sessions on different performance tools. Hopefully posts on some tested out for real are soon to come.

On the slightly less technical side, there were some great talks about culture, including quite a few talks on DevOps (more on that in a later post):

Another great set of videos from the conference is the "Choose Your Own Adventure" talks with Adam Jacob from Opscode. You can head over to one of the videos and see them all listed in the related videos. I didn't get to that session, but watched all the videos and wish I had now :).

It was a great few days and was followed by DevOpsDay USA over at the LinkedIn campus, more on that to come!


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