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Samsung TV Settings Reset at Power Off/On

This one is a bit off topic, but something that has been bugging me for the last week or so and I finally figured out, so I thought I'd share in case anyone out there is going through the same thing. I've been trying to adjust picture settings on our TV to get a little lower power consumption out of it, but every time I would change them, the settings would reset after 30 minutes or after restarting the TV. I dug through the manual and all over Samsung's support site, but found nothing.

The answer was that the TV was stuck in a "demo mode" which is for when the TV is in the store so customers don't mess up the settings too badly. With a little help from this thread, I was able to get it out. You can see if it's in demo mode by hitting the "info" button the remote and if it says "demo mode" on the screen, then well I hope that explains it. Getting it out of this mode was trivial:

    1. Go to cable or air input
    2. Press volume up on the tv
    3. Press and hold the menu button on the tv

    That's it! You should be able to hit the info button again and actually see info for the channel.


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