What a n00b!

All My Data Are Belong to Google

I just got my Google Voice invitation today. It's pretty sweet. It allows you to give out one phone number and configure it to ring multiple phones depending upon who is calling and when they are calling. It also packs voicemail and SMS into a convenient place along with a host of other features. The other thing that it does is it completes the communications circle of products that I use from Google.

After thinking about it for a few minutes, I use Google for everything. It knows my web searches, my web site's stats, and manages my ads. I also use Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar, Google Reader, now Google Voice, and occasionally Google Docs. When I get lost I pull out the Google Maps app on my phone. I'm even playing around with their Android operating system and am considering buying a phone based upon it when Verizon gets a model. Wow. That's one heck of a list when I fire them off one at a time. I'm not even using all the services available to me.

It's no wonder Microsoft wants some of Google's search market share. Whenever I search I come up with new Google services to sign up for. One of the biggest advantages for Google up to this point (at least for me) as been the fact that Google didn't have an operating system. This caused them to have to integrate and build tools for other operating systems. Microsoft has the luxury of building its own OS plus its online offerings so it can integrate easily into its own products. We'll see what happens when Chrome OS comes out, but that's a long way out. For now I guess Google's got all my data..


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